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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Brian Baker

Georgia Institute of Technology                 
San Diego Chargers                         
Detroit Lions                      
Minnesota Vikings                     
St. Louis Rams                       
Carolina Panthers                        
Dallas Cowboys                        

Coached With:
John Anselmo -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Charlie Baggett -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Joe Baker -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Joe Baker -- (St. Louis Rams)
Brett Bech -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Pete Bercich -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Ben Bloom -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Chris Boniol -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dave Borgonzi -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Paul T. Boudreau -- (St. Louis Rams)
Chuck Bresnahan -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Rusty Burns -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bill Callahan -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dave Campo -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Craig Cason -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mike Cassity -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bob Casullo -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jim Chaney -- (St. Louis Rams)
Geep Chryst -- (Carolina Panthers)
Don Clemons -- (Detroit Lions)
Ted Cotttrell -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Mike Cox -- (St. Louis Rams)
Sylvester Croom -- (Detroit Lions)
Sylvester Croom -- (San Diego Chargers)
Danny Crossman -- (Carolina Panthers)
Gary Crowton -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Dean Dalton -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jeff Davidson -- (Carolina Panthers)
Joe Decamillis -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Todd Downing -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Todd Downing -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Dunn -- (San Diego Chargers)
Matt Eberflus -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Henry Ellard -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mark Ellis -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Frank Falks -- (Detroit Lions)
Chuck Faucette -- (St. Louis Rams)
Foge Fazio -- (Minnesota Vikings)
John Fox -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ralph Friedgen -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Marty Galbraith -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Sam Garnes -- (Carolina Panthers)
John Garrett -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Judd Garrett -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mike Gillhamer -- (Carolina Panthers)
Cary Godette -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Rob Graf -- (Detroit Lions)
Dennis Green -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Randy Hanson -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Randy Hanson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Carl Hargrave -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jim Haslett -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Hastings -- (San Diego Chargers)
Jay Hayes -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jerome Henderson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Mark Hendrickson -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jack Henry -- (Detroit Lions)
Bert Hill -- (Detroit Lions)
Stan Hixon -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jeff Horton -- (St. Louis Rams)
Hudson Houck -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dave Huxtable -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Sam Mills Iii -- (Carolina Panthers)
Chuck Knox Jr. -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Stan Kwan -- (Detroit Lions)
Stan Kwan -- (San Diego Chargers)
Daryl Lawrence -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dana Leduc -- (St. Louis Rams)
Leon Lett -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Sherman Lewis -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bill Lewis -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bob Ligashesky -- (St. Louis Rams)
Scott Linehan -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Scott Linehan -- (St. Louis Rams)
Steve Loney -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Loney -- (St. Louis Rams)
Dave Magazu -- (Carolina Panthers)
David Magazu -- (Carolina Panthers)
Doug Marrone -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Brett Maxie -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Ron Meeks -- (Carolina Panthers)
Sam Mills -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ron Milus -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ron Milus -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Misciagna -- (Detroit Lions)
John Misciagna -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Gary Moeller -- (Detroit Lions)
Wayne Moses -- (St. Louis Rams)
Dennis Murphy -- (Detroit Lions)
Keith Murphy -- (St. Louis Rams)
Larry New -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Greg Nord -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Doug Nussmeier -- (St. Louis Rams)
George O'Leary -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
George O'Leary -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Keith O'quinn -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Rich Olson -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Greg Olson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Bob Palcic -- (Detroit Lions)
Jim Panagos -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Larry Peccatiello -- (Detroit Lions)
Skip Peete -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Wes Phillips -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Chuck Priefer -- (Detroit Lions)
Chuck Priefer -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jerry Rhome -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Charlie Rizzo -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Al Roberts -- (St. Louis Rams)
Willy Robinson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jeff Rodgers -- (Carolina Panthers)
Brad Roll -- (St. Louis Rams)
Bobby Ross -- (Detroit Lions)
Bobby Ross -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bobby Ross -- (San Diego Chargers)
Kevin Ross -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Golden Pat Ruel -- (Detroit Lions)
Rob Ryan -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Al Saunders -- (St. Louis Rams)
Bob Saunders -- (St. Louis Rams)
Rip Scherer -- (Carolina Panthers)
Dick Selcer -- (Detroit Lions)
Steve Shankweiler -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Willie Shaw -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Terry Shea -- (St. Louis Rams)
Kurt Shultz -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Kurtis Shultz -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jerry Simmons -- (Carolina Panthers)
Jim Skipper -- (Carolina Panthers)
Danny Smith -- (Detroit Lions)
Danny Smith -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Richard Smith -- (Carolina Panthers)
Richard Solomon -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Terry Strock -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jerry Sullivan -- (Detroit Lions)
Jerry Sullivan -- (San Diego Chargers)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Lance Thompson -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mike Tice -- (Minnesota Vikings)
John Tice -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Rusty Tillman -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Carolina Panthers)
Marc Trestman -- (Detroit Lions)
Mark Trestman -- (Detroit Lions)
Art Valero -- (St. Louis Rams)
Rick Venturi -- (St. Louis Rams)
Trent Walters -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Pat Watson -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Steve Wetzel -- (Minnesota Vikings)
walt williams -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Richard Williamson -- (Carolina Panthers)
Eddie Wilson -- (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Wade Wilson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Mike Woicik -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Alex Wood -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Gary Zauner -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jim Zorn -- (Detroit Lions)