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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Rod Rust

Philadelphia Eagles                          
Kansas City Chiefs                      
New England Patriots                      
Pittsburgh Steelers                           
New York Giants                         
Atlanta Falcons                         

2003 New York Giants
2002 New York Giants
1997 Atlanta Falcons
1996 Atlanta Falcons
1995 Atlanta Falcons
1992 New York Giants
1990 New England Patriots Head Coach
1989 Pittsburgh Steelers
1988 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator
1987 New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator
1986 New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator
1985 New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator
1984 New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator
1983 New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator
1982 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator
1981 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator/Lbs
1980 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator/Lbs
1979 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator/Lbs
1978 Kansas City Chiefs Def. Coordinator/Lbs
1977 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
1976 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
Coached With:
Rick Abernethy -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Keith Armstrong -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Marvin Bass -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ed Beckman -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Raymond Berry -- (New England Patriots)
Tom Bettis -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ron Blackledge -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Don Blackmon -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Don Blackmon -- (New England Patriots)
Tommy Brasher -- (New England Patriots)
Dave Brazil -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dave Brazil -- (New York Giants)
Dave Brazil -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Tom Bresnahan -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dean Brittenham -- (New England Patriots)
Rich Brooks -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Fred Bruney -- (New York Giants)
Fred Bruney -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Cleve Bryant -- (New England Patriots)
Jack Burns -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Marion Campbell -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jim Carr -- (New England Patriots)
Lebaron Caruthers -- (New England Patriots)
Chuck Clausen -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Walt Corey -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ted Cottrell -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dick Coury -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Romeo Crennel -- (New York Giants)
Steve Crosby -- (New England Patriots)
Kay Dalton -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
James Daniel -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mouse Davis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Davis -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Joe Decamillis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Larry Mac Duff -- (New York Giants)
John Dunn -- (New York Giants)
Steve Endicott -- (New England Patriots)
Lew Erber -- (New England Patriots)
Jim Fassel -- (New York Giants)
John Fox -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Frank Gansz -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Frank Gansz -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Joe Greene -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bobby Grier -- (New England Patriots)
Joe Haering -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ray Hamilton -- (New England Patriots)
Ray Handley -- (New York Giants)
J. D. Helm -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
C.T. Hewgley -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Fred Hoaglin -- (New York Giants)
Dick Hoak -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Rod Humenuik -- (New England Patriots)
John Idzik -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Ken Iman -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Harold Jackson -- (New England Patriots)
Milt Jackson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
June Jones -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tim Jorgensen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Eddie Khayat -- (New England Patriots)
Jon Kolb -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bill Kollar -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Don Lawrence -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Marv Levy -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Will Lewis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dale Lindsey -- (New England Patriots)
Johnnie Lynn -- (New York Giants)
Pete Mangurian -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Denny Marcin -- (New York Giants)
Billie Matthews -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Carl Mauck -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
John Mazur -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jim Mcnally -- (New York Giants)
Ron Meeks -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ron Meyer -- (New England Patriots)
Al Miller -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tom Moore -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bill Muir -- (New England Patriots)
Steve Nelson -- (New England Patriots)
Chuck Noll -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Tom Olivadotti -- (New York Giants)
Tom Pagna -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dwain Painter -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bob Palcic -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Johnny Parker -- (New York Giants)
Sean Payton -- (New York Giants)
Carl Peterson -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
John Polonchek -- (New England Patriots)
Michael Pope -- (New York Giants)
Mike Priefer -- (New York Giants)
Duane Putnam -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jimmy Raye -- (New England Patriots)
Bruce Read -- (New York Giants)
Dan Reeves -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dick Rehbein -- (New York Giants)
Harold Richardson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dick Roach -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Jay Robertson -- (New York Giants)
Jimmy Robinson -- (New York Giants)
Johnny Roland -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Bobby Ross -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dante Scarnecchia -- (New England Patriots)
Turk Schonert -- (New York Giants)
George Sefcik -- (Atlanta Falcons)
George Sefcik -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
George Sefcik -- (New York Giants)
Art Shell -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Don Shinnick -- (New England Patriots)
Steve Sidwell -- (New England Patriots)
Jerry Simmons -- (New England Patriots)
Rennie Simmons -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Spencer -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Les Steckel -- (New England Patriots)
George Stewart -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Craig Stoddard -- (New York Giants)
Eric Studesville -- (New York Giants)
Charlie Sumner -- (New England Patriots)
Mike Sweatman -- (New York Giants)
Bobby Trott -- (New York Giants)
Dick Vermeil -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Dewayne Walker -- (New York Giants)
Ron Waller -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Steve Walters -- (New England Patriots)
Charlie Weis -- (New York Giants)
Ollie Wilson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Richard Wood -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Richard Wood -- (New England Patriots)
Brian Xanders -- (Atlanta Falcons)