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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Joe Vitt

Indianapolis Colts                               
Seattle Seahawks                        
St. Louis Rams                             
Philadelphia Eagles                              
Green Bay Packers                                 
Kansas City Chiefs                              
New Orleans Saints                           

2012 New Orleans Saints
2011 New Orleans Saints
2010 New Orleans Saints
2009 New Orleans Saints
2008 New Orleans Saints
2007 New Orleans Saints
2006 New Orleans Saints
2005 St. Louis Rams Head Coach
2004 St. Louis Rams
2003 Kansas City Chiefs Linebackers
2002 Kansas City Chiefs Linebackers
2001 Kansas City Chiefs Linebackers
2000 Kansas City Chiefs Linebackers
1999 Green Bay Packers Defensive Backs
1998 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
1997 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
1996 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
1995 Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers
1994 St. Louis Rams
1993 St. Louis Rams
1992 St. Louis Rams
1991 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1990 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1989 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1988 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1987 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1986 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1985 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1984 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1983 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1982 Seattle Seahawks Special Assignments
1981 Indianapolis Colts
1980 Indianapolis Colts
1979 Indianapolis Colts
Coached With:
Dennis Allen -- (New Orleans Saints)
Charlie Baggett -- (Green Bay Packers)
Adam Bailey -- (New Orleans Saints)
Charles Bankins -- (St. Louis Rams)
Maxie Baughan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Becker -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Larry Beightol -- (Green Bay Packers)
John Benton -- (St. Louis Rams)
Dana Bible -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Dick Bielski -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Bollman -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
John Bonamego -- (New Orleans Saints)
George Boutselis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Boyd -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Gill Byrd -- (St. Louis Rams)
Charles Byrd -- (New Orleans Saints)
Bill Callahan -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Gerald Carr -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Juan Castillo -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Tom Catlin -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Cerullo -- (New Orleans Saints)
Jack Christensen -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Chris Clausen -- (St. Louis Rams)
Tom Clements -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Gunther Cunningham -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Andre Curtis -- (New Orleans Saints)
Dan Dalrymple -- (New Orleans Saints)
Vernon Dean -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
George Dyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
George Dyer -- (St. Louis Rams)
Irv Eatman -- (Green Bay Packers)
Irv Eatman -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Henry Ellard -- (New Orleans Saints)
Henry Ellard -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim Erkenbeck -- (St. Louis Rams)
Steve Fairchild -- (St. Louis Rams)
Frank Falks -- (St. Louis Rams)
Perry Fewell -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jeff Fish -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ken Flajole -- (New Orleans Saints)
Tom Flores -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Greg Gaines -- (St. Louis Rams)
Gary Gibbs -- (New Orleans Saints)
Peter Giunta -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Jon Gruden -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Carl Hairston -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
John Harbaugh -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Chick Harris -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Chick Harris -- (St. Louis Rams)
Ralph Hawkins -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Tom Hayes -- (New Orleans Saints)
George Henshaw -- (New Orleans Saints)
Marion Hobby -- (New Orleans Saints)
Johnny Holland -- (Green Bay Packers)
Jim Hostler -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Jeff Hurd -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
John Idzik -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bret Ingalls -- (New Orleans Saints)
Milt Jackson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jeff Jagodzinski -- (Green Bay Packers)
Dick Jamieson -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Bill Johnson -- (New Orleans Saints)
Curtis Johnson -- (New Orleans Saints)
Charlie Joiner -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Travis Jones -- (New Orleans Saints)
Pete Carmichael Jr. -- (New Orleans Saints)
Chuck Knox Jr. -- (Green Bay Packers)
Chuck Knox Jr. -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Frank Gansz Jr. -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Tom Kanavy -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Bob Karmelowicz -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ed Khayat -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Chuck Knox -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Chuck Knox -- (St. Louis Rams)
Chuck Jr. Knox -- (St. Louis Rams)
Bill Kollar -- (St. Louis Rams)
Aaron Kromer -- (New Orleans Saints)
Frank Lauterbur -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Al Lavan -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dana Leduc -- (St. Louis Rams)
Sherman Lewis -- (Green Bay Packers)
Bob Ligashesky -- (St. Louis Rams)
Joe Lombardi -- (New Orleans Saints)
Billy Long -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Mark Lovat -- (Green Bay Packers)
Andy MacDonald -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Mallory -- (New Orleans Saints)
Terry Malone -- (New Orleans Saints)
Richard Mann -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ted Marchibroda -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Larry Marmie -- (St. Louis Rams)
Doug Marrone -- (New Orleans Saints)
Mike Martz -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Matsko -- (St. Louis Rams)
Arnie Matsumoto -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Mccarthy -- (Green Bay Packers)
Mike Mccormack -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Mike Mccormack -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Sean Mcdermott -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Thomas Mcgaughey -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Greg Mcmahon -- (New Orleans Saints)
Ken Meyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Wilbert Montgomery -- (St. Louis Rams)
Steve Moore -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Steve Moore -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Morton -- (New Orleans Saints)
Paul Moyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Howard Mudd -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bill Musgrave -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Tony Oden -- (New Orleans Saints)
Ed Orgeron -- (New Orleans Saints)
Steve Ortmayer -- (Green Bay Packers)
Jack Patera -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Sean Payton -- (New Orleans Saints)
Sean Payton -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Rod Perry -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Rod Perry -- (St. Louis Rams)
Clyde Powers -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tom Pratt -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ray Prochaska -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Russ Purnell -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Frank Raines -- (Seattle Seahawks)
John Ramsdell -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jimmy Raye -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ray Rhodes -- (Green Bay Packers)
Ray Rhodes -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jerry Rhome -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Greg Robinson -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Keith Rowen -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Barry Rubin -- (Green Bay Packers)
Al Saunders -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
James Saxon -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Kurt Schottenheimer -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Kurt Schottenheimer -- (St. Louis Rams)
Dick Selcer -- (St. Louis Rams)
Wayne Sevier -- (St. Louis Rams)
Willie Shaw -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
David Shaw -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Terry Shea -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Matt Sheldon -- (St. Louis Rams)
Carter Sheridan -- (New Orleans Saints)
Warren Simmons -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jackie Simpson -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Danny Smith -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Frank Smith -- (New Orleans Saints)
Mike Solari -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Steve Spagnuolo -- (New Orleans Saints)
Kent Stephenson -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Stock -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Mike Stock -- (St. Louis Rams)
Martin Streight -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Harry Sydney -- (Green Bay Packers)
John Symank -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Green Bay Packers)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Rusty Tillman -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Howard Tippett -- (St. Louis Rams)
Ted Tollner -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mike Trgovac -- (Green Bay Packers)
Mike Trgovac -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Marcus Ungaro -- (New Orleans Saints)
Jason Verduzco -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dick Vermeil -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Darvin Wallis -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Lionel Washington -- (Green Bay Packers)
Chuck Weber -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Joe Wessel -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Mike White -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Ray Wietecha -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Gregg Williams -- (New Orleans Saints)
Blake Williams -- (New Orleans Saints)
Ted Williams -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Mike Wolf -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Brian Young -- (New Orleans Saints)
Ken Zampese -- (Green Bay Packers)
Ken Zampese -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Ernie Zampese -- (St. Louis Rams)
Adam Zimmer -- (New Orleans Saints)
Ernie Zwahlen -- (Indianapolis Colts)