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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Clarence Brooks

University of Massachusetts                                
Syracuse University                            
University of Arizona                                  
Chicago Bears                               
Cleveland Browns                                    
Miami Dolphins                                
Baltimore Ravens                             

2012 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2011 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2010 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2009 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2008 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2007 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2006 Baltimore Ravens Defensive Line
2005 Baltimore Ravens
2004 Miami Dolphins Defensive Line
2003 Miami Dolphins Defensive Line
2002 Miami Dolphins Defensive Line
2001 Miami Dolphins Defensive Line
2000 Miami Dolphins Defensive Line
1999 Cleveland Browns
1998 Chicago Bears
1997 Chicago Bears
1996 Chicago Bears
1995 Chicago Bears
1994 Chicago Bears
1993 Chicago Bears
1992 University of Arizona
1991 University of Arizona
1990 University of Arizona
1989 Syracuse University
1988 Syracuse University
1987 Syracuse University
1986 Syracuse University
1985 Syracuse University
1984 Syracuse University
1983 Syracuse University
1982 Syracuse University
1981 Syracuse University
1980 University of Massachusetts
1979 University of Massachusetts
1978 University of Massachusetts
1977 University of Massachusetts
1976 University of Massachusetts
Coached With:
Danny Abramowicz -- (Chicago Bears)
Roy Anderson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Keith Armstrong -- (Chicago Bears)
Keith Armstrong -- (Miami Dolphins)
Teryl Austin -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Juney Barnett -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Bates -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brian Billick -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Doug Blevins -- (Miami Dolphins)
Paul Boudreau -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Brodsky -- (Chicago Bears)
Jason Brooks -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Keith Butler -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jerry Butler -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jim Caldwell -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Cam Cameron -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mark Carrier -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bob Casullo -- (Syracuse University)
Matt Cavanaugh -- (Chicago Bears)
Geep Chryst -- (Chicago Bears)
Joel Collier -- (Miami Dolphins)
Billy Davis -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bill Davis -- (Cleveland Browns)
George Deleone -- (Syracuse University)
Jeff Dellenbach -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Dunn -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Vic Fangio -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Fassel -- (Baltimore Ravens)
John Fassel -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Eric Fears -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ivan Fears -- (Chicago Bears)
Ivan Fears -- (Syracuse University)
Paul Ferraro -- (Syracuse University)
Jedd Fisch -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jeff Fitzgerald -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Chris Foerster -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Chris Foerster -- (Miami Dolphins)
Robert Ford -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jeff Friday -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Chan Gailey -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Gamble -- (Miami Dolphins)
Judd Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Harbaugh -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Wade Harman -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Chris Hewitt -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jerry Holmes -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jim Hostler -- (Baltimore Ravens)
John Hufnagel -- (Cleveland Browns)
Hue Jackson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mike Johnson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Pat Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tim Jorgensen -- (Cleveland Browns)
Frank Gansz Jr. -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bill Lewis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Johnnie Lynn -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Marwan Maalouf -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Carlos Mainord -- (Chicago Bears)
Don Martindale -- (Baltimore Ravens)
John Matsko -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Greg Mattison -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Dave McGinnis -- (Chicago Bears)
David Mcginnis -- (Chicago Bears)
Mark Michaels -- (Cleveland Browns)
Andy Moeller -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Ted Monachino -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Wilbert Montgomery -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Tony Nathan -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Rick Neuheisel -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Robert Nunn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Chuck Pagano -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bob Palcic -- (Cleveland Browns)
Chris Palmer -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bernie Parmalee -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dean Pees -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Willie Peete -- (Chicago Bears)
Joe Pendry -- (Chicago Bears)
Ray Perkins -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mike Pettine -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ted Plumb -- (Chicago Bears)
Dick Portee -- (Cleveland Browns)
Paul Ricci -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Ron Rivera -- (Chicago Bears)
Bob Rogucki -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Brad Roll -- (Miami Dolphins)
Greg Roman -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jerry Rosburg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Tom Rossley -- (Chicago Bears)
Rex Ryan -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bob Sanders -- (Miami Dolphins)
Al Saunders -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Greg Schiano -- (Chicago Bears)
Randy Shannon -- (Miami Dolphins)
David Shaw -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mike Shula -- (Chicago Bears)
Mike Shula -- (Miami Dolphins)
Matt Simon -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bob Slowik -- (Chicago Bears)
Bob Slowik -- (Cleveland Browns)
Aril Smith -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tony Sparano -- (Cleveland Browns)
Craig Ver Steeg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Craig Ver Steeg -- (Chicago Bears)
Eric Studesville -- (Chicago Bears)
Jerry Sullivan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bennie Thompson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Dennis Thurman -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Marc Trestman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mark Trestman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Norv Turner -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ron Turner -- (Chicago Bears)
Craig Versteeg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Chicago Bears)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Miami Dolphins)
Todd Washington -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Matt Weiss -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mike Westhoff -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ken Whisenhunt -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tony Wise -- (Chicago Bears)
Tony Wise -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mike Woicik -- (Syracuse University)
Gary Zauner -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Zorn -- (Baltimore Ravens)