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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Richard Smith

Houston Oilers                    
Tennessee Titans                    
Denver Broncos                   
San Francisco 49ers                   
Detroit Lions                       
Miami Dolphins                        
Houston Texans                      
Carolina Panthers                       

2012 Denver Broncos Linebackers
2011 Denver Broncos Linebackers
2010 Carolina Panthers Linebackers
2009 Carolina Panthers Linebackers
2008 Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator
2007 Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator
2006 Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator
2005 Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator
2004 Detroit Lions
2003 Detroit Lions
2002 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
2001 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
2000 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
1999 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
1998 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
1997 San Francisco 49ers Linebackers
1996 Denver Broncos Special Teams
1995 Denver Broncos Special Teams
1994 Denver Broncos Special Teams/Assistant Linebackers
1993 Denver Broncos Special Teams/Assistant Linebackers
1992 Houston Oilers
1992 Tennessee Titans
1991 Houston Oilers
1991 Tennessee Titans
1990 Houston Oilers
1990 Tennessee Titans
1989 Houston Oilers
1989 Tennessee Titans
1988 Houston Oilers
1988 Tennessee Titans
Coached With:
Dennis Allen -- (Denver Broncos)
Jason Arapoff -- (Detroit Lions)
Keith Armstrong -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jerry Attaway -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Charlie Baggett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brian Baker -- (Carolina Panthers)
Vernon Banks -- (Denver Broncos)
Michael Barnes -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Clancy Barone -- (Denver Broncos)
Joe Barry -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Tom Batta -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Martin Bayless -- (Houston Texans)
Chris Beake -- (San Francisco 49ers)
John Benton -- (Houston Texans)
Malcolm Blacken -- (Detroit Lions)
Dwaine Board -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Larry Brooks -- (Detroit Lions)
Greg Brown -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Keith Burns -- (Denver Broncos)
Frank Bush -- (Denver Broncos)
Frank Bush -- (Houston Texans)
Frank Bush -- (Tennessee Titans)
Troy Calhoun -- (Houston Texans)
Brian Callahan -- (Denver Broncos)
Dom Capers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Perry Carter -- (Houston Texans)
George Catavolos -- (Detroit Lions)
Barney Chavous -- (Denver Broncos)
Geep Chryst -- (Carolina Panthers)
Don Clemons -- (Detroit Lions)
James Coley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dameyune Craig -- (Miami Dolphins)
Danny Crossman -- (Carolina Panthers)
Jeff Davidson -- (Carolina Panthers)
Tim Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bruce DeHaven -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Jack Del Rio -- (Denver Broncos)
Rick Dennison -- (Denver Broncos)
Ed Donatell -- (Denver Broncos)
Derek Dooley -- (Miami Dolphins)
George Dyer -- (Denver Broncos)
George Dyer -- (Detroit Lions)
Jim Eddy -- (Tennessee Titans)
George Edwards -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mike Eubanks -- (Denver Broncos)
Jim Fassel -- (Denver Broncos)
Eric Fears -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mo Forte -- (Denver Broncos)
John Fox -- (Carolina Panthers)
John Fox -- (Denver Broncos)
Jethro Franklin -- (Houston Texans)
Leon Fuller -- (Denver Broncos)
John Gamble -- (Miami Dolphins)
Sam Garnes -- (Carolina Panthers)
Sam Garnes -- (Denver Broncos)
Jason Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Judd Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Adam Gase -- (Denver Broncos)
Adam Gase -- (Detroit Lions)
Jason George -- (Denver Broncos)
Alex Gibbs -- (Denver Broncos)
Alex Gibbs -- (Houston Texans)
Kevin Gilbride -- (Houston Oilers)
Kevin Gilbride -- (Tennessee Titans)
Mike Gillhamer -- (Carolina Panthers)
Jerry Glanville -- (Tennessee Titans)
Bishop Harris -- (Denver Broncos)
Chick Harris -- (Houston Texans)
Mike Heimerdinger -- (Denver Broncos)
Kim Helton -- (Tennessee Titans)
Kevin Higgins -- (Detroit Lions)
Richard Hightower -- (Houston Texans)
Bert Hill -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jaime Hill -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Jon Hoke -- (Houston Texans)
Johnny Holland -- (Detroit Lions)
Johnny Holland -- (Houston Texans)
Ray Horton -- (Detroit Lions)
Hudson Houck -- (Miami Dolphins)
Sam Mills Iii -- (Carolina Panthers)
Milt Jackson -- (Tennessee Titans)
Dick Jauron -- (Detroit Lions)
June Jones -- (Tennessee Titans)
Travis Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Terrell Jones -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Bob Karmelowicz -- (Houston Texans)
Larry Kirksey -- (Houston Texans)
Larry Kirksey -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Greg Knapp -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Gary Kubiak -- (Denver Broncos)
Gary Kubiak -- (Houston Texans)
Sean Kugler -- (Detroit Lions)
Stan Kwan -- (Detroit Lions)
Matt Lafleur -- (Houston Texans)
Kevin Lartigue -- (Detroit Lions)
John Levra -- (Denver Broncos)
Sherman Lewis -- (Detroit Lions)
Scott Linehan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Anthony Lomando -- (Denver Broncos)
Justin Lovett -- (Denver Broncos)
Dave Magazu -- (Carolina Panthers)
Dave Magazu -- (Denver Broncos)
David Magazu -- (Carolina Panthers)
Joe Marciano -- (Houston Texans)
Steve Mariucci -- (Detroit Lions)
Steve Mariucci -- (San Francisco 49ers)
John Marshall -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Carl Mauck -- (Detroit Lions)
Brett Maxie -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Mike Mccoy -- (Denver Broncos)
Mike Mcdaniel -- (Houston Texans)
Bobb Mckittrick -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Bill Mcpherson -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Ron Meeks -- (Carolina Panthers)
Sam Mills -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ron Milus -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ron Milus -- (Denver Broncos)
Jim Mora -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Marty Mornhinweg -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Pat Morris -- (Detroit Lions)
Pat Morris -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Patrick Morris -- (Detroit Lions)
Will Muschamp -- (Miami Dolphins)
Rex Norris -- (Denver Broncos)
Frank Novak -- (Tennessee Titans)
Wayne Nunnely -- (Denver Broncos)
Scott O'brien -- (Miami Dolphins)
Kevin O'dea -- (Detroit Lions)
Greg Olson -- (Detroit Lions)
Greg Olson -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Chris Palmer -- (Tennessee Titans)
Chris Palmer, -- (Houston Oilers)
Jack Pardee -- (Tennessee Titans)
Brian Pariani -- (Denver Broncos)
Brian Pariani -- (Houston Texans)
Wade Phillips -- (Denver Broncos)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Pollack -- (Houston Texans)
Chuck Priefer -- (Detroit Lions)
Dan Quinn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dan Quinn -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Tom Rathman -- (Detroit Lions)
Tom Rathman -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Floyd Reese -- (Tennessee Titans)
Alvin Reynolds -- (Denver Broncos)
Ray Rhodes -- (Houston Texans)
Harold Richardson -- (Denver Broncos)
Luke Richesson -- (Denver Broncos)
Dan Riley -- (Houston Texans)
Greg Robinson -- (Denver Broncos)
Jay Rodgers -- (Denver Broncos)
Jeff Rodgers -- (Carolina Panthers)
Jeff Rodgers -- (Denver Broncos)
Nick Saban -- (Houston Oilers)
Nick Saban -- (Miami Dolphins)
Nick Saban -- (Tennessee Titans)
Robert Saleh -- (Houston Texans)
Greg Saporta -- (Denver Broncos)
Rip Scherer -- (Carolina Panthers)
Kurt Schottenheimer -- (Detroit Lions)
Mike Shanahan -- (Denver Broncos)
Kyle Shanahan -- (Houston Texans)
Mike Sherman -- (Houston Texans)
Ray Sherman -- (Houston Oilers)
Ray Sherman -- (Tennessee Titans)
Doug Shively -- (Tennessee Titans)
Tracy Simien -- (Houston Texans)
Jerry Simmons -- (Carolina Panthers)
Jim Skipper -- (Carolina Panthers)
Rick Smith -- (Denver Broncos)
Frank Bush Sr. -- (Denver Broncos)
Frank Bush Sr. -- (Houston Oilers)
Frank Bush Sr. -- (Houston Texans)
Jim Stanley -- (Tennessee Titans)
Ernie Stautner -- (Denver Broncos)
Les Steckel -- (Denver Broncos)
George Stewart -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Eric Studesville -- (Denver Broncos)
Andy Sugarman -- (Detroit Lions)
Andy Sugarman -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Jason Tarver -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Pat Thomas -- (Tennessee Titans)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Carolina Panthers)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Denver Broncos)
Ted Tollner -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Bobby Turner -- (Denver Broncos)
Rich Tuten -- (Denver Broncos)
Cory Undlin -- (Denver Broncos)
Charlie Waters -- (Denver Broncos)
Steve Watterson -- (Tennessee Titans)
Bobby Williams -- (Detroit Lions)
Bobby Williams -- (Miami Dolphins)
Richard Williamson -- (Carolina Panthers)
Ray Wright -- (Houston Texans)
Bob Young -- (Tennessee Titans)
John-Paul Young -- (Denver Broncos)