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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Steve Hoffman

Dallas Cowboys        
Atlanta Falcons                       
Miami Dolphins                     
Kansas City Chiefs                     
Oakland Raiders                       

2012 Oakland Raiders
2011 Kansas City Chiefs Special Teams
2010 Kansas City Chiefs Special Teams
2009 Miami Dolphins
2009 Kansas City Chiefs Special Teams
2008 Miami Dolphins Kicking
2007 Miami Dolphins Assistant Special Teams
2006 Atlanta Falcons
2004 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
2003 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
2002 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
2001 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
2000 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1999 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1998 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1997 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1996 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1995 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1994 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1993 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1992 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1991 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1990 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
1989 Dallas Cowboys Kickers/Quality Control
Coached With:
Hubbard Alexander -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dennis Allen -- (Oakland Raiders)
Sal Alosi -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Richie Anderson -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Neill Armstrong -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Keith Armstrong -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Avezzano -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Clancy Barone -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jim Bates -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bill Bates -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Chris Beake -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bob Bicknell -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
John Blake -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Craig Boller -- (Dallas Cowboys)
John Bonamego -- (Miami Dolphins)
Todd Bowles -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ronnie Bradford -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Joe Brodsky -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Keith Burns -- (Oakland Raiders)
Steve Bush -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tom Cable -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Cam Cameron -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dave Campo -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dom Capers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Maurice Carthon -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Maurice Carthon -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Wes Chandler -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Mike Clark -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
David Corrao -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bruce Coslet -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Romeo Crennel -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Joe D'Alessandris -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Joe D'alessandris -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Chris Dalman -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Butch Davis -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Tim Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Decamillis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
John Defilippo -- (Oakland Raiders)
Dave Deguglielmo -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bruce DeHaven -- (Dallas Cowboys)
George Deleone -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ed Donatell -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Karl Dorrell -- (Miami Dolphins)
Michael Dumas -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Eddy -- (Dallas Cowboys)
George Edwards -- (Dallas Cowboys)
George Edwards -- (Miami Dolphins)
Robert Ford -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Chan Gailey -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Wayne "Buddy" Geis -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Gary Gibbs -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Gary Gibbs -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Alex Gibbs -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ted Gilmore -- (Oakland Raiders)
John Grieco -- (Oakland Raiders)
Justin Griffith -- (Oakland Raiders)
Todd Haley -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Todd Haley -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Galen Hall -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Tommy Hart -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dan Henning -- (Miami Dolphins)
Johnny Holland -- (Oakland Raiders)
Hudson Houck -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Hudson Houck -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mark Hutson -- (Oakland Raiders)
Bobby Jackson -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Jeffcoat -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Jimmy Johnson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bill Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Billy Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Travis Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Juraszek -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Greg Knapp -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Greg Knapp -- (Oakland Raiders)
Tim Krumrie -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
David Lee -- (Dallas Cowboys)
David Lee -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Lombardi -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Clayton Lopez -- (Oakland Raiders)
Alan Lowry -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Johnnie Lynn -- (Oakland Raiders)
Mike MacIntyre -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Evan Marcus -- (Miami Dolphins)
Marvin Marshall -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mike Maser -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brett Maxie -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Brett Maxie -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Mcnulty -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Ron Meeks -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Les Miles -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Al Miller -- (Oakland Raiders)
Jim L. Mora -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Muir -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Mike Mularkey -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bill Musgrave -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dick Nolan -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Brad Ohrt -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dwain Painter -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bill Parcells -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bernie Parmalee -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Paul Pasqualoni -- (Miami Dolphins)
Andre Patterson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Sean Payton -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Clancy Pendergast -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Clancy Pendergast -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Pat Perles -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Anthony Pleasant -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Frank Pollack -- (Oakland Raiders)
Robert Prince -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dave Puloka -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Reid -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jack Reilly -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Diron Reynolds -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jerry Rhome -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Darren Rizzi -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tommie Robinson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Terry Robiskie -- (Miami Dolphins)
Kacy Rodgers -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Kacy Rodgers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brent Salazar -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Eric Sanders -- (Oakland Raiders)
Al Saunders -- (Oakland Raiders)
James Saxon -- (Miami Dolphins)
Matt Schiotz -- (Miami Dolphins)
Greg Seamon -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Terry Shea -- (Miami Dolphins)
Clarence Shelmon -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dave Shula -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Nick Sirianni -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Kelly Skipper -- (Oakland Raiders)
Bob Slowik -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Cedric Smith -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Otis Smith -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Glenn Smith -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Tony Sparano -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Tony Sparano -- (Miami Dolphins)
George Stewart -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Barry Switzer -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Jason Tarver -- (Oakland Raiders)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Norv Turner -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Frank Verducci -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Chad Walker -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bob Ward -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dedric Ward -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
George Warhop -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Charlie Weis -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Terrell Williams -- (Oakland Raiders)
Wade Wilson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Ollie Wilson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tony Wise -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Steve Wisniewski -- (Oakland Raiders)
Mike Woicik -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Ernie Zampese -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Mike Zimmer -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Adam Zimmer -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Jim Zorn -- (Kansas City Chiefs)