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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Kent Stephenson

University of Kansas                  
Seattle Seahawks               
Pittsburgh Steelers             

Coached With:
Mike Ackerley -- (University of Kansas)
Bobby April -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Mike Archer -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Tom Batta -- (University of Kansas)
John Becker -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bob Bratkowski -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Dom Capers -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Tom Catlin -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Clark -- (University of Kansas)
Bill Cowher -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
David Culley -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Billy Davis -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bruce DeHaven -- (University of Kansas)
Larry Donovan -- (University of Kansas)
George Dyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Irv Eatman -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Ron Erhardt -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Don Fambrough -- (University of Kansas)
Tom Flores -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Steve Furness -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Chan Gailey -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Kevin Gilbride -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
John Guy -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
John Hadl -- (University of Kansas)
Chick Harris -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bob Harrison -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Jim Haslett -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Ralph Hawkins -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Jay Hayes -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Dick Hoak -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Pat Hodgson -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Chuck Knox -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dick Lebeau -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Marvin Lewis -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Tim Lewis -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Arnie Matsumoto -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Don McLeary -- (University of Kansas)
Ken Meyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Miller -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
John Mitchell -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Steve Moore -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Paul Moyer -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Mularkey -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Rod Perry -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Don Pile -- (University of Kansas)
Ray Prochaska -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dick Purdy -- (University of Kansas)
Russ Purnell -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Rich Rachel -- (University of Kansas)
Frank Raines -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Ray Sherman -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Dan Shonka -- (University of Kansas)
Lou Spanos -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Mike Sweatman -- (University of Kansas)
Rusty Tillman -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Joe Vitt -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Morris Watts -- (University of Kansas)
Ivy Williams -- (University of Kansas)
Ron Zook -- (Pittsburgh Steelers)